My Violin Is (Not) Broken?, is a story of passion, perseverance, and grit—told from the perspective of a young violin learner

Learning Perseverance Through Music

Although many young music students start out enthusiastic, they later reach a point where they realize learning to play an instrument is harder than they imagined! As Itzhak Perlman says "No child likes to practice and any child who tells you otherwise is lying."

This book helps kids (and parents!) process those feelings, know they are not alone, and understand what it means to persevere.

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Will you help me create a movement of gritty young learners?

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About The Book

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A young girl wants to play the violin but her violin sounds terrible. It groans, shrieks, and whines leaving her disappointed, frustrated and downright annoyed. Will she ever be able to make her violin sing? 

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Intended for anyone who has experienced the weight of wanting to quit, well, anything hard, My Violin is (Not) Broken? is an uplifting story of passion, perseverance, and determination. It's perfect for children ages 4-10 (or anyone, really!)

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Inspired by my own experiences as both a young violin learner and a parent cheerleader of a young violin learner, this book reminds readers that struggles are okay. Sometimes taking a break helps us find new inspiration. 

This Book Teaches Kids

  • To not give up even when faced with obstacles
  • The importance of finding solutions to their problems
  • To take a breath and a break when they get mad or feel like quitting
  • That learning takes time and patience

It Benefits ALL Readers

  • It prompts conversations about perseverance and grit
  • It brings awareness to the (very normal) challenges of learning, that everyone faces
  • It promotes discussions of the emotions which happen during the learning process

Support The Community

I have a goal to create a movement of gritty young learners—especially, but not limited to, violin learners from a variety of backgrounds. That's why I'm excited to be partnering with El Sistema, USA, during this book campaign, to support a nationwide movement of programs to effect social change through music for children with the fewest resources and the greatest need.

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