EVELYN GRUNDY, Author + Illustrator

Author, My Violin Is Not Broken?

Hi, I'm Evelyn Grundy, the author and illustrator of My Violin Is NOT Broken? I have always dreamed of getting a picture book published, and with your help, that dream might come true!

I have loved the violin ever since hearing a young busker at the NW Folklife Festival in Seattle. Practicing, however, was a different matter. Now, watching my son struggle through similar discomforts, I want to let young learners and their parents know it’s okay to feel frustrated. Even if you are not a violin learner, learning can be hard and teaching perseverance and grit is often overlooked. That’s why this book was written.

The Story Behind the Illustrations

Years ago, my mother was given fabric squares by her long-time friend and ask to create a friendship square. Feeling stuck, she reached out to me, asking if I would be up for completing the project. I was delighted for the artistic creativity and the opportunity to create something for a wonderful person.

The fabric

I took photos of each of the fabrics, imported them into illustrator, made swatches, and created some sample designs for my mom to choose from.

The original friendship quilt mock-ups consisted of blocky shapes which would be easier for sewing.

This was the final result of the quilting project.

My first round of book illustrations was more in this blocky 'quilted' style but, over time I added faces, a little more movement, and some additional detail.

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